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In the next 18 years after ,there were 32 decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court, including concurring anddissenting opinions, that mentioned the "right to be let alone".For example, in 1969, the Court ruled that possession of obscene materialin a home was not a crime. , 394 U.S. 557, 564 (1969).In 1972, the Court struck a state statute that prohibited distributionof contraceptives to unmarried persons. , 405U.S. 438, 454 (1972). And in 1985, the Court ruled that recovery of evidenceby surgery was unreasonable. , 470 U.S. 753, 758 (1985).

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I couldn't agree more that "all the security measures that affect privacy" are "just security theater and a waste of effort." I believed this before, and having been through a detention, interrogation, and intimidation process while trying to enter the state of Israel with a Birthright Israel group, I have first hand experience with the ridiculousness of it. You can read my story in two parts at and

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It is not for injury to the individual's character thatredress or prevention is sought, but for injury to the right of privacy.

To publish of a modest and retiring individual that he suffers from animpediment in his speech or that he cannot spell correctly, is an unwarranted,if not an unexampled, infringement of his rights, while to state and comment onthe same characteristics found in a would-be congressman could not be regardedas beyond the pale of propriety.

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Courts do not always protect the press. A newspaper in Alabamapublished a photograph of a woman whose dress was lifted by jets of airat a Fun House at a county fair. The court ruled thatthe photograph, which showed her panties, had "legitimate newsinterest to the public" and upheld an award of $ 4166 to plaintiff, forinvasion of her privacy., 162 So.2d 474 (Ala. 1964).The facts are mentioned in the Restatement (Second) of Torts at§ 652B, illustration 7, but without a cite to the actual case.

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There is always a trade off between the "States right to know" and the individuals "right to privacy" it is pure FUD to make the claim that the "States right to know" is in anyway related to "security" except for those currently in power.

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If, then, the decisions indicate a general right to privacy for thoughts,emotions, and sensations, these should receive the same protection, whetherexpressed in writing, or in conduct, in conversation, in attitudes, or infacial expression. It may be urged that a distinction should be taken between the deliberateexpression of thoughts and emotions in literary or artistic compositions andthe casual and often involuntary expression given to them in the ordinaryconduct of life.

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Vice-Chancellor Knight Bruce referred topublishing of a man that he had "written to particular persons or on particularsubjects" as an instance of possibly injurious disclosures as to privatematters, that the courts would in a proper case prevent; yet it is difficult toperceive how, in such a case, any right of privacy, in the narrow sense, wouldbe drawn in question, or why, if such a publication would be restrained when itthreatened to expose the victim not merely to sarcasm, but to ruin, it shouldnot equally be enjoined, if it threatened to embitter his life.