South Africa: who administers canings, 1972

A school-wide campaign would follow suit on how students and teachers can tackle the problems of gangsterism. the campaign would involve talks by former gangsters and reformed criminals who resorted to bullying and violence to achieve their goals and how that in turn has affected their lives and their families. Students would then be required to take a pledge not to resort to such behavior even if they face severe pressures from other students or as an easy way to make money from others.

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South Africa: give viewson reintroduction of school caning, 1999

Gangsterisms is a social phenomenon that occurs widely among the youth in our country.

Instead of caning or punishing gangsters, I would counsel them and use the soft-handed approach. These facing financial troubles who resort to extortion as a solution would be given assistance pending their promise not to repeat such behavior. These who engage in gangsterism to seek attention would be sent for professional counseling. Students facing constant pressure to become part of gangs, would be exposed tot he dangers of such behavior and encouraged to report, without fearing for their lives, to the school authorities. I would collaborate with the other teachers to expose students to fun-filled activities and outdoor learning experience to make school a more exciting place. This would prevent bored students from contemplating joining a gangster group to seek excitement and acceptance.