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The mission of the Nutritional Sciences faculty is to develop students who will be competitive for admission into health professional schools or other advanced degree programs.

-Dr. Kevin C. Moore, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics and Science Education

Philosophy is traditionally a major for students interested in law and medical careers, but it is a desirable accompaniment for other careers in the sciences, business, communications, political science, education, and many other disciplines requiring advanced thought and comprehension of complex issues.

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Family and Consumer Science is a field of study whose goal is to help, teach, and inspire others to strengthen home and family life.

A student admitted to the Honors Program with academic interests in the social, biological, or physical and mathematical sciences for which no suitable major is offered by any in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences may pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS).

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The Certificate in Agribusiness Law in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences provides a background for students who want to learn about the legal aspects of business endeavors related to the food and agriculture industries.

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Career opportunities are available in public relations, sales, marketing, journalism, photography, and media. Every land-grant university employs a staff of journalists to communicate research, as do agriculture-related publications, agribusinesses, chemical and machine companies, advertising agencies, and several branches of federal government such as the USDA, State Department, and Department of the Interior. People with communication skills who also understand scientific agriculture have numerous exciting opportunities.

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Maria Navarro, Associate Professor in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, brings her international experiences to the classroom.

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The Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering program at UGA provides a fundamental understanding of the natural, mathematical, and engineering sciences and how to apply this understanding to design devices and processes. The curriculum consists of a mathematical component that provides quantitative skills needed to measure, estimate, model, and simulate; an engineering science component that provides skills needed to integrate scientific knowledge with engineering applications; and an engineering design component that provides knowledge of the systematic process for creating new devices, systems, and structures for human use.

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