All of this started with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

Uncle Sam had been content to leave Alaska as an undefended frontier. A military buildup was reluctantly initiated only when global war began to seem inevitable. Progress was slow and patchy. But after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, officials aware of the territory's vulnerability flew into high gear.

With the fleet located around Hawaii and mainly in Pearl Harbor, a double-sided sword was created.

Provoking the Japanese and the knowledge of an attack on Pearl Harbor, Roosevelt and his top advisors and the Federal Government are considered to be at blame for the loss of American lives.
Overall, Pearl harbor was purposely planned so that the U.S.

 Pg #1 Did we know about the attack the occurred in Pearl harbor.

By attacking the United States at Pearl Harbor, Japan brought America into the war.

Third source: Pearl Harbor Mother of all Conspiracies by Mark Willey.
Fourth source: The Free Press, 2000 by John Tolland
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Pearl Harbor bombing was the first attack ..

However, the idea that the bombing of Hiroshima was a revenge attack by the US, because of the attack on Pearl Harbor has been argued for many years....

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The surprise attack executed by the Japanese military code named Kido Butai on Pearl Harbor resulted in many casualties to both the Japanese and American forces.