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For example, "the testimony of crime victims who can't yet speak English might be prohibited in court"; "police officers and doctors might be left without interpreters to protect those who don't speak English"; or it would be very difficult for schools to communicate with students' parents (217).

"Should English be the Law ..

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Essay questions in law tend to be on one big topic, from which you are asked to discuss/analyse/critically evaluate/review (etc) one small part.

The class was half law and half English students; the professors worked to establish common themes and techniques of interpretation, crossing multiple boundaries and eliciting comparative discussions of professional ethical commitments while discussing their featured books: A Bend in the River, Atonement, Disgrace, and Emma. As the class progressed, the common themes one finds at the intersection of life and law emerged.

An essay has been defined in a variety of ways

Similarly, use
HEADINGS where you can (for example, for different
sections of the main body)
What is it that you need to know from the case law you have studied?
That is, what do you need to evidence in your law essays?
For example, do you think anyone
wants to read "In this case in 1822
this happened and then this happened
and then this happened and then this
and then this and then this..."?
For each case, know the KEY facts (ie the basics),
know the ratio and some of the more interesting

80 Interesting Argumentative/Persuasive Essay Topics

If you have 5 elements, 5
bits to the body of your essay (and you think
each is equally important), allocate the same
number of minutes to each bit.
Running out of time is NEVER an excuse.
This is very important, so I will say it again.
You are studying law.

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There should be laws or ordinances to prohibit persons from confronting—either verbally or physically- non-English speaking persons for speaking their native language in their work or social life....

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There’s fundamentally nothing different with an introduction to a law essay (save that, if you write a bad introduction, your tutors have no choice over whether or not they carry on reading...)
5 top tips for Introductions
to Law Essays
No 1
Think of context and opening lines.