Most governments have banned smoking in all public places.

So smoking should be banned because it causes so much problems to health wheather it is to the smoker or to the second hand smoker.

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Each smoking ban leads to a decrease in the number of cigarettes. With every banning law more and more smokers make a decision to quit altogether. In accordance with the information provided by the Mayo Clinic Nicotine Dependence Center representatives, the number the brain receptors that are longing for nicotine increase from the inhalation of tobacco. Once the number of receptors begins to decrease the need to have “just one more cigarette” decreases too, which, in turn, results in no smoking. All the bans also give smokers one more reason to quit smoking for it is really inconvenient to spend hours searching for a place where smoking is allowed.

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Whether or not cigarette smoking should be banned completely, has become an object of controversy in many countries.

Since we share the same air in this world, then can the same logic be applied everywhere and hence smoking should be banned everywhere? That will get in the way of privacy rights and individual freedoms unless cigarettes are banned outright as an illegal drug. Hence, I can see this being challenged in court.

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From my point of view, it is more sensible to ban smoking in public places rather than allow second-hand smoke to continue to harm people nearby, who breathe in the smoke....

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If this is the case smoking should be banned in public due to the effect it has on the air purity, the harming of children health, and people would not have to worry about smelling smoke or smelling like it when eating in...

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Some examples of these anti-smoking campaigns are the ban on smoking in public places in the UK since July 2007, under the Health Act 2006, the anti-smoking T.V advertisements and campaigns against allowing smokers the benefit of the NHS treatment, when they suffer from smoking related problems.

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Therefore smoking should be banned in public spaces because it causes harm to the smoker's body, as well as causing unwarranted health and economic problems for the public.

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There are many airborne substances which can circulate through apartment buildings which can be toxic to some people. Perfume and fragrances, for example. Some workplaces have banned perfumes to protect the sensitive; why shouldn’t public housing? Peanut and peanut butter are banned in some classroom and on some airplane flights to protect the sensitive. When a person with such sensitivities moves into public housing, under this same proposed principle, shouldn’t any peanuts or peanut butter products be banned from the housing complex?