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has come to replace that finer sympathy and love between some masters and house servants which the radical and more uncompromising drawing of the color-line in recent years has caused almost completely to disappear. In a world where it means so much to take a man by the hand and sit beside him, to look frankly into his eyes and feel his heart beating with red blood; in a world where a social cigar or a cup of tea together means more than legislative halls and magazine articles and speeches,--one can imagine the consequences of the almost utter absence of such social amenities between estranged races, whose separation extends even to parks and streetcars.

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Problems in the low income community often deal with the multi-variety causes of crime, Such as: unemployment, poverty, divorce, broken homes, poor schools, poor housing quality, racial and ethnic mix, residential mobility, and population turnover. Socio-economic status and classes in society are not a reflection of crime directly.

Description of the Social Disorganization Theory.

The Broken windows theory relates to social disorganization as it links neighborhood decay to

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Studies on rural crime, also linking socio-economic conditions to criminal behavior there is a positive correlation between crime rates and socio-economic factors, such as per capita income, inequality, and unemployment rates. There is a negative relationship between crime and the percentage of the population below the poverty line. More crime occurs when legal opportunities for employment are denied. It is argued that rural areas should create economic opportunities, such as building up industries other than just existing agricultural activities.

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Crimes committed by youth who, acting under the social learning theory, learned that they could gain something by violence. As such, even crimes of violence are motivated by the desire to steal property. These same youth are asked and indicate that they fear they will never succeed in life through conventional means. Some blame the poor educational system in these communities, where it is obvious that none of the students could get jobs other than at fast food restaurants. Arguably, the social support and social structure is completely gone in those neighborhoods, leaving perpetual social disorganization.

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There are other social factors to consider, even if a person makes a rational choice in committing a crime, understanding his behavior requires someone to see the big picture and understand the motivations for their actions. While the decision may be rational, the underlying circumstances of being poor will motivate many to steal. If a person is starving to death, it is difficult to resist the urge to steal in order to eat.