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The first part of this essay summarizes major points about those teaching techniques, and the second part focuses on how to develop both students’ active and passive vocabulary as to me, this is a field in teaching which I have not paid enough attention to.

With video conferencing, a professor in Guam can teach a class in Michigan in close to real-time.

As an example activity, I teach my students a lesson in email pragmatics (Netiquette), whereby I ask them to write an email to me requesting an essay extension.

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Listening to a professor or teacher lecture sometimes just isn't enough for students.

Rengarajan 07).In this case, the measure of efficiency in teaching besides the material presented, narrows down to the process used in the teaching system....

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In order to be successful in a classroom a teacher must be up to date with the latest methods for enhancing their lessons and abilities for students to learn.

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These methods include many extremes, from the more traditional method of teaching, in which teachers lecture, students listen, and are expected to learn, to experiential education, which usually requires students to take a hands on approach to every lesson.

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As Headington (2000) notes “Assessment refers to the work which teachers undertake to determine the learning and the learning needs of pupils”....

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My constant reflection is based on principles of action research and includes a teaching journal, annotated lesson plans and activities, and videotaped class sessions.

Through a complex interaction between my personal philosophy of teaching and the theories behind my philosophy, I strive to develop the full potential of my students in the language learning context.

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By incorporating a system of consistent reflection in my teaching, I feel that I am able to continually progress as a teacher as I adapt to the changing needs of my students.

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I make my beliefs explicit by including some of my expectations in my syllabus (e.g., cell phones and pagers must be turned off in my classroom), by discussing my personal thoughts with my students when the need arises, and by interacting consistently with my students.

I am a firm believer in a continuous process of teacher self-reflection, in which self-evaluation is connected to lesson planning and overall teacher development.