How to Write a Strong Supplemental College Admissions Essay.

Teaching and parenting for me has been and is a journey of daily experiences carefully examined and reconsidered. Our choices, projects, lessons, and assignments are not finished when the work is turned in. No matter how successful our teaching, parenting, and mentoring is, like an oil painting that never dries, or clay that is never fired, there is always another option to consider. There are always imagined modifications. This is why I value ideas and questions from readers. Creative teaching imagines another approach. Even when we have a winner, I always imagine that the best lesson, assignment, or student choice will be the next one. My teaching was not over when I officially retired from full-time teaching. With this website I continue to offer ideas and questions.

The ideas in this website represent a point in my journey, not a destination. Many of the ideas have grown out of past experience, but my ongoing study and work with children often serves as inspiration for the content of this website. Reader comments, ideas, and questions are welcome. When you write, please include the title or the URL of the page(s) you are referring to.

Therefore, there are different ways of teaching to fit the students’ different capabilities.

This is one of the most extensive and helpful posts I’ve read on how to write college admissions essays. My feeling is that most English teachers know their great literature, but are not as versed on teaching writing–especially narrative style pieces. I agree that the best place to get ideas for unique topics, as well as learn how to structure these more informal essays, is by reading what others have written. You have collected a wonderful assortment of sample essays. Reading excellent writing, especially the New York Times, is also very helpful, especially feature-style articles that use creative writing techniques, such as anecdotal leads and descriptive details. I try to share similar writing advice on my blog, Essay Hell.

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From the time I was a young boy and watching my father in his classroom I knew always wanted to be a teacher.

Profound Promises is the speaking and writing ministry of Bonnie Johnson Fite. She desires to help children by equipping and training parents and teachers. Through her writing and speaking, Bonnie encourages others to apply the profound principles of Scripture and to claim God's promises in daily life.

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Teacher should have many state-released, teacher-made, and textbook essay prompts from which to pull for this activity.
Teacher should also have many sample essays released from the state department (and student samples from this and previous years). These are a great reference for students to “see” the writing process. Students especially see validity in papers that have been scored by the state’s assessors.

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English II teachers are constantly searching for strategies to improve students' analytical responses to literature. This lesson is designed for all types of learners, offering various activities for all learning styles. Individual, small group, and whole class activities on essay writing culminate with the student writing his or her own formal response to literature.

This generic writing activity may be used with any literary unit and at any point in your students' development of the writing process.

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Teaching as an art demonstrates ways in which the teacher may use creative ways to present the material so it is fun and interesting for his or her students.