The Great Dionysia is where theatre first began....

Once the groups became existent we re-read the text chosen and discussed our opinions on various issues relevant to contemporary theatre and the aesthetics surrounding the production of the text....

However, not everyone has been partial to this conventional form of theatre.

For the majority of theater historians, David Garrick seems to be the name of choice when referring to influential lighting reformers of the Restoration.

1.2 What inspired me to research in Realism Theatre....

Another aspect of theater is the capability of creating awareness on issues.

During the Elizabethan era, there was a mass production of inspired drama, poetry and other forms of literature, as well as growth in humanism and significantly the birth of professional theater in England.

There is Greek theatre and Elizabethan theater.

This pathfinder is for people who are interested in the backstage aspects of theatre, whether it be building sets, designing scenery, lighting a show, doing make-up, building costumes, or affecting the mood of a scene through music. This guide is divided into online sources (websites, mailing lists, newsgroups) and print sources.

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Ultimately, theatre needs three elements: actors, play, and audience. But for theatre to actualize its potential, a person would need to impose his or her point of view that would penetrate all aspects of the production. That person is the director. A director is needed for any situation, whether it's a staged reading to a congregation, a reader's theatre performance at reunion, or a full theatre production. A director is not only in charge of all aspects of production, as an artist he or she has a vision that ties all performance elements together.

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In this paper, I will examine Artaud’s role as a major contributor to modern theatre in his attempt to rid performance of its fake realism, as well as the bourgeoisie neoclassical ideals....

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While directing as an art truly came into prominence during the late nineteenth century, a director in one form or another existed since the classical Greek era. In ancient Greek theatre, the , meaning teacher, instructed the performers. The Medieval age employed stage managers called . Shakespeare may have directed his company at the Globe Theatre during the Elizabethan age. And Moliere coached his company.