Miep Gies and The Diary of Anne Frank - Auschwitz

There were no cheers, no standing ovations and only hesitant muted clapping after the showing of The Diary of Anne Frank at the Sheringham Little Theatre recently.

Anne Frank ultimately ended up in this camp, after being evacuated from Auschwitz in October, 1944.

Anne Frank along with her sister named Margot Frank, were transferred to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, living there and then later died there of typhus in the month of March in 1945. Her dairy received international fame due to her amazing words and her description of her sad daily life. Here are some which will take you to her world in which she suffered misery and horror off the hands of Nazis since she grew up.

Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl - …

She agreed to help the Franksgo into hiding in the secret annex despite threat of imprisonment, deportationor execution.

The Anne Frank family migrated from Germany to Amsterdam, Netherlands in the year 1933, the same year in which the Nazis gained overall control over Germany. They were however trapped by the Nazi army in Netherlands in May 1940, and suffered the most dreadful dream as Nazis began killing thousands and thousands of Jews all over the world as the part of their Holocaust.