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I will not critique films that where made for television, like"Brian's Song", and I will not waste time on films that have gone directly to video.

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Except for his remarkable novel, Tomasi's only completed work of fictionis (also published as and ), a short story which delves into the world of myth and fantasy. Its protagonist, a professorial descendant of the prince described in TheLeopard, is probably based closely on Giuseppe himself, while "theLeopard" of the novel (Prince Fabrizio of Salina) is a composite characterbased on several Tomasi ancestors, particularly one who lived in the nineteenthcentury. The novel is not autobiographical and the protagonist's words are not those of Tomasi himself. sequel to The Leopard, exists only as a single chapter. These short pieces were first published in 1961 with the prince's reminiscences, "Places of My Infancy." Luchino Visconti's motion picture of The Leopard, starring Burt Lancaster and the young Claudia Cardinale, was released in 1963. The movie is, if anything, too faithful to the text of the novel, but it was a critical success. Rarely has the work of so "unprolific" an author garnered so much international attention.

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Outbreak is just one of the many movies based off ..