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Or consider the otherwise bizarre indulgence of ultra-right religious extremists by people who otherwise describe themselves as liberals and leftists. The belief that Jews fuel radical Islam allows them to overlook superstition and the tyrannical denial of equal rights. They’re against Israel and that’s all that matters.

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Considering the detrimental effects of Television, which has outnumbered its benefits, I assertively agree that Television has a bad influence on people and you will too after finishing this essay....

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Wilcox’s first book, Waiting for an Army to Die, chronicles the effects of Agent Orange on American veterans. Many became sick or died from diseases that normally do not afflict young men, including rare cancers, while others reported that their children were born with birth defects similar to those seen in the offspring of female laboratory animals exposed to dioxin. The veterans considered themselves to have been guinea pigs in scientific experiments by their own government. They brought a class action lawsuit in 1980 against the government and Monsanto, which was settled out-of-court in 1984 for $180 million dollars.

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Enter the Owenses, with the ability to drop in as if from on high and devote their considerable energies and resources to no other purpose than the salvation of the elephants. The partnerships they tried to forge with park authorities and the neighboring community only went so far; over the years, their program became characterized by a kind of ad hoc martial law — armed night patrols in planes and helicopters, an unofficial understanding with the scouts (whose training and support the Owenses provided) that they should shoot to kill.

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The Other Side of the Door is a beautifully made ghost story. Much in the tradition of classic horror films, The Other Side of the Door takes its time, establishes characters and situations, and then executes the story with class and style. The design of the effects and of the ghosts in particular is wonderful with scary, subtle and creative creations that are sure to send chills up your spine. The performances by Callies and Sisto are great but Callies in particular is excellent here carrying the film with her powerful portrayal of a grief stricken mother. As with many stories of this kind, it is the unbreakable bond between a mother and her child that is the heart of the story but also the cause of the troubles once the tragedy strikes. And it was also genius of the writer/filmmakers to set the movie in India. It not only adds a different visual flair to the film but it adds the mystery of a culture we may not be as familiar with to the story which helps add to the overall mystery of the proceedings. The Other Side of the Door is beautifully filmed, well acted, well written, atmospheric and spooky. What more could you ask for from a good ghost story? Highly recommended.

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The issue was hardly settled. None of the great powers officially recognized the government of Ho Chi Minh and the French were intent on restoring their empire in Southeast Asia. In late September 1945, with the support of British administrators in southern Vietnam, French troops engineered a coup d’état in Saigon, forcing the Viet Minh to flee the city and regroup in the countryside or retreat to the north. More French troops soon arrived, 13,000 of whom were transported by a dozen U.S. Merchant Marine ships. In the first American protest against U.S. policy in Vietnam, some American sailors wrote letters to members of Congress and newspaper editors objecting to their mission. On November 2, the crew of the Winchester Victory sent a cablegram to President Harry Truman criticizing the use of “this and other American vessels for carrying foreign combat troops to foreign soil for the purpose of engaging in hostilities to further the imperialist policies of foreign governments when there are American soldiers waiting to come home.”