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The Pardoner will offer a sermon as a performance, part of a process-analysis under the rubric "present company excepted" in which he takes the pilgrims into his confidence.

Through the Prologue to the Pardoner's tale, the character of the Pardoner is revealed.

Egan 30 Apr 2010 The way Chaucer uses his depiction of the Pardoner in his Prologue to support his overall objectives of his Tales, or, as Melvin Storm puts it, Chaucer: The Pardoner's Tale - Washington State University The archetype behind the Pardoner is Faus Semblant (False-Seeming) from the The Pardoner complies with the request for a tale but suggests they stop at an The Pardoner's Tale and the Quest for Death ESSAYS IN CRITICISM.

The Pardoner's Tale and the Quest for Death.

The greed, which is evident in the character of the Pardoner, is also clearly seen in the tale.

How did Chaucer feel about the
role of the Pardoner in
society / the church?
Irony in "The Pardoner's Tale"
The Pardoner’s Tale is a, satirical, and ironic
portrayal of the greed of the church and
the recognition that the church was
corrupted during this time period.

Themes of Pardoners Tale Essay Examples

758 For soothly thou art oon of his assent For truly thou art in league with him759 To sleen us yonge folk, thou false theef!" To slay us young folk, thou false thief!"760 "Now, sires," quod he, "if that yow be so leef "Now, sirs," said he, "if you are so eager761 To fynde Deeth, turne up this croked wey, To find Death, turn up this crooked way,762 For in that grove I lafte hym, by my fey, For in that grove I left him, by my faith,763 Under a tree, and there he wole abyde; Under a tree, and there he will wait;764 Noght for youre boost he wole him no thyng hyde.

The Pardoner’s Tale was written by Geoffrey Chaucer

651 "By Goddes precious herte," and "By his nayles," "By God's precious heart," and "By his nails,"652 And "By the blood of Crist that is in Hayles, And "By the blood of Christ that is in Hales Abbey,653 Sevene is my chaunce, and thyn is cynk and treye!" Seven is my number, and thine is five and three!"654 "By Goddes armes, if thou falsly pleye, "By God's arms, if thou falsely play,655 This daggere shal thurghout thyn herte go!" -- This dagger shall go throughout thy heart!" --656 This fruyt cometh of the bicched bones two, This fruit comes of the two cursed dice,657 Forsweryng, ire, falsnesse, homycide.

It’s a narrative poem that describes the character of the pardoner

648 And forther over, I wol thee telle al plat And furthermore, I will tell thee flatly649 That vengeance shal nat parten from his hous That vengeance shall not part from his house650 That of his othes is to outrageous.

Essay Example: Consideration Of A Sin In The Pardoner's Tale

Let's enjoy a good story, and look for irony in
The Pardoner's Tale.

What examples can
you find?
Situational Irony
While selling a pardon for such sins as greed and dishonesty, the pardoner preaches against these very evils.


Both in and out of church, he was known to preach that
"The love of money is the root of all evil."

The opposite of what is expected to happen occurs

The use of words to mean something different than what the person actually means or says they mean

The reader knows something the character does not

Verbal Irony

The three rioters swore to protect each other
and "kill" death, but ended up killing
each other.