E. What were 4 ways slave traders got their victims?

Advocates of reparations for the descendants of those slaves generally ignore this untidy problem of the significant role that Africans played in the trade, choosing to believe the romanticized version that our ancestors were all kidnapped unawares by evil white men, like Kunta Kinte was in “Roots.” The truth, however, is much more complex: slavery was a business, highly organized and lucrative for European buyers and African sellers alike.

The economy of those countries which allowed African slave trade grew bigger and bigger.

With the trade systems being established with the Europeans as well as Muslims, some African tribes saw a way to earn profit from the many enslaved tribes they conquered.

F. What were 3 effects of the early slave trade?

They were sold to traders by other Africans, and eventually forced into slavery by men with guns.

Ironically this largely echoed the view depicted publicly in the pro-slavery oratory and writings, which typically minimized the importance of the trade and portrayed the traders as social outcasts from the genteel antebellum culture of the South, thus reinforcing this fictitious version of history....

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Even though Britain had recently taken a resolute opposition to slavery, West African elites still welcomed them because of the raw materials and technology they traded to the regions along that coast....

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Trade happened in Africa, in America and lastly in Europe and that is how the transatlantic slave trade managed to affect autochthonous forms of slavery because it created a link between Africa, America and Europe.

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However Africans were captured for slave trade to sustain the development of sugar industry, through slave labour to produce sugarcane.” (Grouchier & Walton, 1629: 418-420).

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The discovery of these developments changed the diets of both the western and eastern regions, assisted in initiating the Atlantic slave trade, and spread illnesses that had a destructive effect on populations in India, and resulted in the creation of European colonies across the Western region (Cohen and Rosenzwei 124)....

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This caused great problems for West African slave traders who had witnessed a period of vast growth in the industry towards the end of the eighteenth century.

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These migrations, or Diasporas, began with religious voyages and cultural exchanges and evolved to the slave trade and the deportation of black men, women and children to new colonies as workers and servants.