Topic: The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner

How it affects the "Deaf Community"
The device working properly depends on the individual who receives the implant himself/herself
Fear of losing their child to the "hearing world"

Flips back and forth between both families
Shows their times at the hospital, communicating with experts to deepen their understanding of the implant/device
Shows both families interacting with one another
Presents the contrasts between both families
The director reflects a valid argument through his use of well-found examples of the effects the cochlear surgery has on the non hearing.
Director: Josh Aronson

Attended New York University Film School and Interlochen Music Academy and has also attended Colombia University.
His first job was a still photographer for Time Life magazine, following this he began his directing career.
Started filming documentaries in 1999 after directing TV films and commercials.
Is a pianist and plays music in New York.
Following up in 2006, completed a sequel to Sound and Fury title Sound and Fury: 6 Years Later
After Sound and Fury, Aronson produced short films focused on the Hudson River Valley, and has recently directed a film titled Orchestra of Exiles.
Has won a numerous amount of awards such as Ace and Clio awards.
He has also directed a numerous amounts of
films for channels such as Disney Channel,
Nickelodeon, and Cinemax
About the Film:
Sound and Fury

Presentation by: Jennifer Griffin
Russell Chowdhury
Gabby Ngo
Cinematic Techniques
Film Analysis:
Through out the film, the director focuses on many personal stories of those included in the deaf communities and their culture.

Faulkner’s The Sound and The Fury, has numerous themes.

In William Faulkner’s iconic novel, The Sound and the Fury, Caddy Compson illustrates this decline in values as readers observe the results of her downfall on everyone who depends on her.

The Sound and the Fury – William Faulkner – 1929

- Essays on a Jane Eyre analysis discuss the themes, characters, and story by Charlotte Bronte.

We don’t mean to toot Faulkner’s horn here, but lots of folks have been saying things a lot like these ever since The Sound and the Fury burst onto the scene in 1929.

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I was rather dumbstruck by the number of essays included in the criticism of this edition that felt compelled to discuss Faulkner and the writing of The Sound and the Fury seemingly more than to discuss the text itself.

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Within Macbeth, Shakespeare describes life as “a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury.” And if life is “a tale told by an idiot,” there is justification as to of why Faulkner begins the book through the eyes of Benjy, a thirty-three year old retard.

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The Sound and the Fury essays are academic essays for citation. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of The Sound and the Fury.

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Prompt: Is this novel misogynistic? How are sexuality, gender, and relationships dealt with effectively and/or ineffectively in The Sound and the Fury?

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The Sound and the Fury study guide contains a biography of William Faulkner, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

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Based on the novel by Nobel Prize winner author William Faulkner and considered among the 20th century's greatest works, The Sound and The Fury encapsulates the universal theme of the death of honor, social injustice and forbidden love.