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The weird thing about telling someone they're dying is that, it tends to focus their priorities.


Therefore, throughout The Things They Carried by Tim O’ Brien, the development of the characters’ behaviors and the actions they commit are heavily influenced by the setting during the Vietnam War, where death and isolation were the prominent themes.
Three Body Paragraphs consist Of:
The setting of the Vietnam landscape instigates the development in character behavior through the confinement of the jungle landscape,

The concealment of the enemies

The adaptation caused by their new environment.

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The Things They Carried is no exception to his amazing narration, as it is a novel that associates itself with the Vietnam War, which takes place after the Cold War, in an era where communism dominates the Eastern World.

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The key difference between The Things They Carried and other typical, war-time novels is that the events which unfold within the book are established on the basis of the author’s personal experiences during his time in Vietnam.

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Body Paragraph 1

First of all, the development of the characters’ behaviors and actions they commit are heavily provoked by the setting of the dense landscape of Vietnam which evokes confinement.
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The suffocating jungles pursue the theme of isolation which influences the characters within the novel to develop a mental state of limitation which leaves them isolated.

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With close to many of the men within the platoon losing their sense of reasoning and detaching themselves from the main reason they have come to fight this war, their thinking becomes an ideal breeding ground for their fear of death especially when the landscape becomes another enemy in their fight.
Body Paragraph 2

Secondly, the behavioral development of the characters and the actions they commit are heavily influenced by the setting of the dense landscape within Vietnam, which conceals the enemies from the sights of the platoon.