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In the play “Trifles”, Susan Glaspell illustrates the differences between men and women by the details that they notice and the things that each person considers to be important or necessary.

In the plays, Antigone and Trifles, the female main characters commit an act of civil disobedience.
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The one remaining jar represents the last shred of herself that remains, the part of her that may survive the trial for murder.
The Feminist Perspective Revealed
Ultimately, the feminist perspective in Glaspell's Trifles is revealed through the symbolism, as Jabboury concludes with, "The symbolism used in this play is directed at the need for equal rights for women, and the role many men played in squashing that dream" (Jabboury 18).
Symbolism in Trifles
The symbolism in Trifles plays a key role in allowing us to understand Glaspell's point of view, "The title of the play
, is a symbol reflecting how men view women.

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Susan Glaspell's play, Trifles, was written in 1916, long before the modern women's movement began.
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By the end of the play, it is evident that women are no longer victims and can shape the course of the murder case having obtained all the evidence needed. However, the feminist is loyal to her own gender than male partner as illustrated by the collusion between Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters to conceal the evidence. They give good reason for and attribute the action to the disrespect men give to trifles. The trifles are not the subject of disrespect but because they are associated to the women, they are insignificant. This is illustrated by Mrs. Peter’s remark after hiding the canary, “Wouldn’t they just laugh! Getting all stirred up over a little thing like a — dead canary.” (Glaspell 2009). In the end, the men are victims of their own attitudes and action as Mr. Wright dies while the sheriff and the attorney do not get clues to finish the case.

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Even though Glaspell wrote heaps of other stuff, these days most people hear her name and think of Trifles. Don't let the title fool you. This play isn't trifling. For starters, it's one of the most anthologized plays of all time (which probably has something to do with why you're reading this right now). More importantly, it's one of the most anthologized plays because it's one of the first examples of American feminist drama. Also, it's awesome.

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Not only is Trifles a trailblazer on the feminism front, it also helped to remodel American theatre as a whole. Let's face it: when Trifles was first performed in 1916, American theatre was a total fixer-upper. Most plays on Broadway were sappy melodramas, and the mainstream theatre was kind of a joke. So along with her husband, George Cram Cook, Glaspell founded the , a company dedicated to producing new, innovative, intelligent plays that... didn't suck.

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The outdated stereotype of men's superiority over women, and the consequences of this ideology, is the theme present in the play "Trifles," by Susan Glaspell.

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As the title of the play, “Trifles”, evokes the concerns of women who are often regarded as trifles—insignificant subjects—that bear little or no significance to the true work of society which is, evidently, fulfilled by men.