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(The Duke's name really doesn't matter in the play,which wasn't published until the folio of 1623, and perhaps Shakespeare simplynamed the duke and the play in memory of the event.) You can read about this inLeslie Hotson's "The First Night of Twelfth Night".

He saw Shakespeare's people perform a play at Whitehall court onTwelfth Night, January 6.

Shakespeare also uses the music and poetry in Twelfth Night to foreshadow what is going to happen for the rest of the performance and to reveal major themes in the play....

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"Wicker Park" included a production of Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night",and a plot that parallels it.

Shakespeare, in his play 'Twelfth Night' uses the Romantic comedy genre and it's conventions of strong themes of love and a series of obstacles and misunderstandings concluded with a harmonious union of the lovers to explore gender issues, particularly those of women in society....

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The play, which actually has the full title Twelfth Night, or What You Will, was written specifically to be performed for the twelfth night of Christmas.

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To conclude, though Twelfth Night’s main plot revolves around melancholic romance, what truly makes it a comedy is the erratic mood set by sub-plots to recall that of the festival with the same name.

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However, it can be suggested that certain elements of Twelfth Night are not interpreted to be purely comedic; Shakespeare has incorporated serious and controversial subjects such as the idea of genuine love, the patriarchy of the time and the cruel gulling of Malvolio....

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In the Twelfth Night, the character Duke Orsino uses flowery and over-dramatic language, long poetic sentence structure, and melodramatic metaphors to display his overemotional romantic nature despite the different emotions in his various speeches....

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Among his many plays is the notable, Twelfth Night, a romantic comedy, placed in a festive atmosphere in which three couples are brought together happily.

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Twelfth Night New Critical Essays Review Im thinking about writing a memoir. I havent done anything of note, recently or ever, but that doesnt stop me from thinking about what I would call said.