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i am blessed to discover this wonderful site. indeed very helpful. i am a economics graduate and an mba from a not so known college. now i want to pursue m.a in economics. i am looking for gipe, jnu and dse. please give me some guidence in preparing for the same.

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I am a DCE (Delhi College of Engg) grad with 6 yrs work ex doing relatively well in may career. I have developed a longing to study economics and want to study MA, Phd in Eco. I am right now preparing for Option B for DSE. How competitive is it for me since I really am studying more or less from scratch and I think I will be competing against maths honors. Would I be better off taking option A? Also, where can I get sample papers for Option B.

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can you suggest me some books for preparing for objective questions DSE entrance. Please tell me which topics in statistics should i stress on.

Hi guys I’m just wondering is the MA economics offered by sain Stephens college the same one offered by DSE? Or are they two different programmes?? Also I know this is a little off topic but is there a student union or council for DSE I can contact or who can help me once I am in Delhi?? Lastly any good offices Anyone can recommend for finding a serviced apartment in delhi near the university?? You all have been a great help and thank you in advance

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plz tell me how can i perpare myself for essay type questions in the entrance xam………..wat should one write n leave out is it possible for u to write one of the essay type of anwer for me so that i can get the idea of the answer……………i will be thankfull to u if u mail me atleast any one ans on essay type qts……..i needed guidance for that

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@ geeta
Though I hav not taken the exam but I hav seen the sample paper & spoken to students of the college. it seems written is not tough, it’s diluted version of CAT paper
For maths u need to practice that of class 11th & 12th
though only one & half month is left, i am pretty sure it can be cracked.

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@ AJ
Dornbusch is not used for all the topics. There were others as well. I guess if u do just dornbusch it would be ok. After that if u have time u can try william branson’s book.
In micro everyone recommends rubinfeld and pindyck for the theory of the firm, market structure etc. Maybe u could do those topics from there instead of varian. And yeah, the workbook should be good enough for questions.
For maths, apart from chiang u shud be very thorough with school level maths (the relevant topics have been mentioned in previous posts..just keep scrolling up). Chiang is not good for questions..it’s basically for concept building. I don’t know of any other book from which dse type mcqs can be practiced.

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commiserations for you.
assess your prep.
the books you read,the topics you did well.
feel happy about it.
then slowly move to the dark side and start working on it.
remain cheerful.
reapply for the all the reputed instis.
im sure you’ll make it this time.