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Federal Ministry of Science & Technology Secretary Yasmin Masood visits newly-established Birds Diorama at Pakistan Museum of Natural History on November 23, 2017.

A Visit To A Museum (Essay) A museum is a treasure-chest of antiquities

The Foundation functions as a link of PMNH/PASTIC agency for the establishment of comprehensive scientific and technological information dissemination centers, promotion of research in the universities and other institutions, establishment of science centers, museums, promotion of scientific societies, organization of periodical science conferences, exchange of visits of scientists with other countries, prizes and fellowships to individuals engaged in developing processes of consequence to the economy of the country.

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Featuring more than 800 unique objects from the Science Museum collections and state-of-the-art interactive displays, is the first museum gallery in the UK dedicated to the history of information and communication technology. We hope all visitors will identify with some of the technology that is on display, but will also be surprised by the scale and elegance of others, and captivated by the stories of those people who invented, operated or were affected by each new invention.