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WHAT WOULD I LIKE HER TO DO DIFFERENTLY? This is a difficult question because in any type of relationship where one partner is dominant the onus is often on that person to come up with new ideas; and my girlfriend gets fed up of this sometimes. I'd certainly like her to turn the screw more, increasing her degreeof control. e.g.. Letting me climax less frequently, teasing me more, making me pay more to come etc. Recently she let me climax, then told me I wouldn't get to come again until she'd had 25 orgasms. An excellent idea. With a lot of help from me we reached the target in six days, whereupon she let me come again. So in this situation she could turn the screw and make a future target 35 orgasms

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She says that she notices that after an orgasm I tend to be less attentive to her needs. I suspect she is right because for a short period I don't feel the desperate need to ejaculate. Although I do try to avoid any drop off in my behavior, without that high level of frustration driving me it is difficult to focus on her needs in the same way as I do usually. As to respect, I have learn over the years to treat my wife and all women with great respect. I don't get resentful of Karen when she doesn't let me come because I love her and trust her to reward me when she feels the time is right. However, immediately after ejaculation my attitude towards her does change. Initially I feel immense gratitude and love for her but this quickly subsides and is replaced by a sadness and loneliness. I am sad after milking (which occurs every two weeks) because the opportunity to ejaculate has gone but I feel loved because she cuddles me until I'm ready to be masturbated again - which can be several hours. However Karen doesn't like me ejaculating and thus leaves me on my own after wards because she has negative feeling about me at that time. This is because she has gone to great lengths to feminize me and suppress my male aggression and feels that ejaculation is a very male thing and thus not appropriate for her gentle light Lady Boy hubby. Also, she says that she resents the implication that the only reason I serve her is to get my own release. We've discussed her feeling in the past and talked (with her permission for me to express a view on it) about complete denial. I love her and want to please her but complete denial is too much for me and I think it would damage our relationship. She is right that ejaculation is linked to maleness and thus could be seen encouraging male aggression. However, she ensures that I and completely immobilized during masturbation and forbids even the most limited thrusting or squirming. Thus she has complete control and the ejaculation can be seen as something she makes happen - completely out of my control. This, plus me being dresses in heels, stockings and a corset at the time helps her to be more accepting of my ejaculation. As to the idea that I am only serving her to get this reward, I guess when you get right down to it this is sort true, although I do love her and get a great deal of satisfaction when I make her orgasm. I rationalize
it this way, as I said at the top of this rather long answer, she is right that I am less enthusiastic about servicing her after ejaculation. However this soon changes as my arousal grows with repeated masturbation sessions. I explain it like this, when I am licking her I am working towards her climax but also towards my own. Hers might be rather more immediate than mine but it is still the case that the only way I am going to get to orgasm is to make her
come. Thus as my arousal grows my motivation to serve her is restored. If If I did not have the promise of my own orgasm as the 'light at the end of the tunnel' I'd would not serve her with such genuine enthusiasm. Sorry if that sounds self serving but it is the truth.

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Once you have a topic, you will have to decide what the main point of your paper will be. This point, the "controlling idea," becomes the core of your argument (thesis statement) and it is the unifying idea to which you will relate all your sub-theses. You can then turn this "controlling idea" into a purpose statement about what you intend to do in your paper.

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To find out what your "controlling idea" is, you have to examine and evaluate your evidence. As you consider your evidence, you may notice patterns emerging, data repeated in more than one source, or facts that favor one view more than another. These patterns or data may then lead you to some conclusions about your topic and suggest that you can successfully argue for one idea better than another.