Who is to Blame in Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet is about two lovers from families who have set a grudge upon each other, in this complex piece of art William Shakespeare has put the protagonist within ruinous events where love is hard and where love has to be flawless....

In this essay, I will include many different reasons as to why Romeo and Juliet die.

That person is Friar Lawrence, but as well I blame the power of love; Romeo and Juliet were so strongly in love and that love lead to both of their deaths....

is to Blame for Romeo and Juliets Death Essay.

The story is about two families who have been fighting for years, the Capulets Juliet’s family and the Montugues Romeo’s family.

How did you make the connection between text evidence and your claim?
Who is to blame?
Juliet's Nurse
Friar Laurence
The Feud/Their Parents
Fallacious Reasoning
What is it?
Why is it bad?
Watch out for...
Non Sequitur
False Dilemma
Ad hominem
Latin for "Does not follow." The conclusion does not come from the claim or evidence.
Any time there is a disjointed leap in reasoning.