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i dropped out of college after 3 and a half years it was the best decision of my entire life i hated the bullshit. the only reason why i went to college was because i waspresssured to go, i hated my major and after 3 years of the bullshit i was clinicaly depressed. now i have been out of college for 3 years. im an electrician im engaged and currently buying a house. if you dont like college DROP OUT NOW! dont waste your time for a stupid useless peice of paper!

Do you think you have the skill and patience it takes to become a cosmetologist.

But it’s not all about the money, the number one reason I believe people go to college is because it’s the safe route, they’re too afraid to take any chances, which again, is fine, but it’s not my prerogative. We only get one life to live and you don’t know how long your going to be here for, why not do something DIFFERENT and enjoy yourself, leave your mark, make a difference.

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Cosmetics; or examiners for State cosmetology boards.
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I can’t decide wether to go to college or not. Reason being that I am a junior in highschool and I have yet to decide exactly what it is that I wanna do with my whole life and time…and teachers here don’t ever make me WANT to go to school anyways. Most teachers a my school think that just because they are teaching the class, they can act as if they are your parent…and when they are having a bad day…students like myself usually end up having a bad day as well…not FAIR!

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Another thing is the General Education Requirements at this school. Gen ed? sounds a lot like paying for high school classes. We are required to take a fucking PE class? WTF why do i need to take pe? am i going to be a professional weight lifter? NO im not going to be Richard simmions. I think that is just dumb. Not to mention we have to take a pre civil war history class? For what? WTF do i need to know about the fucking indians, we killed them all okay i got it. I know more than most of my professors and have won debates with them in almost every class. I think its bullshit, i want to goto a school that will actually teach me something. Not push political agendas into my head, i would rather make up my own mind about things and not be told that its a sientific fact smoking causes cancer. And that George bush is a criminal. I can make up my own mind. College is basically brainwashing it fucking sickens me. I think im going to finish out this semester then go to a Police Academy or into the military.

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Erik Hurst: Yeah. So, women, we go to the time diaries, and this is basically for your listeners to get a sense--questions about: Tell me what you did yesterday; and then you put in detailed categories of time use. So, activities like, 'I ate my dinner from this time to this time,' and 'I went to work from this time to this time.' And for young men during the 2000s, we see this big increase, particularly young low-educated men, in leisure time. Not surprising: their working is falling down. And it shows up in leisure activities, like watching TV, hanging out with friends, playing video games, etc. And then when you into the subcategories of leisure and ask, 'Which leisure category was increasing the most?' it was far and away video games. So, let me just give you a couple of numbers from our paper. I just want to make sure I get the numbers correctly right. That, for, again, early 2000 for this group of young men with less than a Bachelor's Degree, they used to play about 3 and a half hours per week on video games, and now it's about 6 and a half hours per week on video games. So almost 100% of their increase in leisure was playing video games and on the computer. What I gave you before was video games computer time. I should have been more clear on that. Most of that was video game time. But the numbers I gave, 3 and a half to 6 and a half was all time on the computer--so anything you do on the computer: surfing email, going to web pages, playing video games either on the computer or on a consol. So this is a big change, in terms of how people are allocating their leisure. And you see the same pattern for women. So, women don't have this shift. That's another reason why we focused on the men.