Are Women Safe in India? – Essay

hi guys i really nead help on an essay i am writting about “does advertising show young women as sexual objects and are women effected negativley in todays society” i would really like to hear what you think about it. Thank you!

426 Words Essay on Brave Women of India

We all know that sex sells. But that doesn’t mean we have to buy. We can make a decision to not support businesses that exploit women in their advertisements.

Essay on the Empowerment of Women in India

Women in Advertisements

Please focus on these questions for the expansion: 1. How do the media and advertisements portray the image of women?
2. In what ways does the deceitful reputation impact women and/or the society?
3. Does the negative portrayal of women indicate gender inequality or bias of any
4. What action can be taken to protect the exploitation of women by the media and advertisement?
5. How are identical product marketed differently to women and men?
6. Is there any company with gender based advertising for the same product?