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You will be marked down if your writing for that task is 10 words below the limit. I can’t predict what your final score will be.
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plz tell me how i can improve my reading .also i face problem in writing task 2 becz i get confused in sentence formation when i have to use has/have/had/been .i know about their active and passive rule even thn it becoming mine weakest point in writing .plz solve this problem.

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Hi Liz, Is it important to write more than 250 words,if i write with perfect quality in task 2

See my advanced lessons for writing task 2: and for reading review my tips and strategies on the reading page. Also, when you do IELTS reading practice, make a list of all paraphrases used and a list of traps and mistakes you have made. Without that list, you will struggle to improve.
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Yes. The techniques are the same for GT and academic writing task 2:

It is not recommended to write over 280 words for your essay. Some students with strong English and focused ideas (your level is strong) can get away with about 300 but not more. There’s no upper limit but you are marked on your ability to write a focused, relevant essay. Also more words might equal more mistakes with grammar and vocab which will definitely lower your score. You certainly have the ability to hit 7 in terms of your language skills. If you take the exam twice you can play around with techniques and see what happens.

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I am trying to help you, not criticise you. I have been trained as an examiner and know how the marking is done. This is not the way to write a thesis statement in IELTS. It is 100% correct as a thesis statement for other essays, but not for the IELTS test. It does not relate to the task and will definitely not help your band score. Let me show you a good thesis statement for IELTS:
This issue can lead to both traffic congestion and increased pollution, therefore feasible solutions need to be considered to tackle the problem.
In this thesis statement we are presenting the causes directly and mentioning solutions will be made. This is the right technique. Your introduction is not to tell the examiner what the essay intends to do – he/she knows this already – the examiner has the instructions. Your aim is to present your main points or position.
While I can see you are upset, I rarely give free feedback on essays. I suggest that instead of getting upset about it, you learn from it. This is the main page for writing task 2 where you can find plenty of techniques explained: .
However, this is your exam and your choice.

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Hello, I hope you are doing well. Thank you so much for all of your video and your tips. All is very helpful. I just have one question about introduction in writing task 2. After the thesis statement, can I clearly add a sentence outlining what my essay will say? Is it incorrect or too much if I say: “In my opinion, I agree that exercise is the key to health. Firstly, this essay will discuss how exercising routinely can boost health and secondly, it will discuss that diet is also important.” And may I do this for any IELTS essay question?